The future of drones

AVI will be capable of:

1. Rescue of people in distress on high floors of buildings and structures or high in the mountains. 

2. Rescue of the wounded from the zone of armed clashes. 

3. Fire extinguishing in areas which are hard-to-reach from the earth using aircrafts with high airlift. 

4. Monitoring the earth’s surface by large aircrafts in hover mode. In hover mode, carrying out refueling (recharging electric batteries) from a tanker, structurally made in a similar way. 

5. Performing hovering monitoring of airspace by large aircrafts using a circular phased antenna with an electronic phase shifter, while remaining undetectable to radar systems in which the Doppler effect is used. 

6. Carrying out various agricultural work by large aircrafts, flying and hovering at low altitude. For example, we bring to your attention the layout of an unmanned aircraft designed to monitor the earth’s surface (Observer) and an animated film about the operation of the device with refueling from a tanker.

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